Lexington Farmers' Market SNAP

Did You Know that We Accept SNAP!

  • SNAP - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is more commonly known as food stamps
  • 4,600 households in Lexington and surrounding towns participate in SNAP
  • Generous donors allow us to double our SNAP benefits

For our SNAP Customers

  1. Visit the Market Manager's Tent
  2. Decide how much you might want to spend, receive market certificates, and DOUBLE your benefits, up to $20 while funding is available
  3. A little paperwork and you're all set!



  • 68% - 80% locally spent money stays in the community
  • Get more SNAP dollars thanks to the outreach program
  • Produce and goods are fresh-picked that day and taste great!
  • Environmental benefits include less packaging and transportation


Useful Links Transportation at a Glance
USDA SNAP Website  Lexpress Schedule
Share Our Strength  - #62 Bus from Bedford VA or Arlington Heights
MyPyramid.org  - #76 Bus from Hanscom AFB or Alewife
WholesomeWave.org  Minuteman Bike Path from Alewife or Bedford